way collective commitment

We practice the way of connection. With courage and vulnerability, we value hospitality as we embrace difference and the messiness of togetherness, choosing to unassumingly welcome all as we are.

We practice the way of contemplation. With prayerfulness and intention, we value mystery as we hold the great questions, posturing our whole selves to grow into nonjudgmental and peaceful presences in our community.

We practice the way of curiosity. With critical thinking and deep listening, we value wisdom as we become students of both ancient and current perspectives, addressing our civilization’s deepest longings and greatest challenges.

We practice the way of creativity. With hope and imagination, we value beauty as we live with adventure and generosity, cultivating openness and Christ transformation in our hearts and our world.

We practice the way of compassion. With empathy and forgiveness, we value loving and just action that promotes the flourishing of all planetary life, moving for reconciliation and equity in our time.