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Table Connection Question - How did generous listening go this week? What did you sense inside of you as you practiced it? Were you more peaceful or activated after? Was it easy or hard? Anything surprise you?

Welcome & Covenant

Poem - Poem, by Mary Oliver

Pause - Getting Biospiritual!

Flesh - The Body’s Grace: Reading Observations

“Rituals are sophisticated ancient intelligence about the body. Kneeling, folding hands in prayer, and breaking bread; liturgies of grieving, gathering, and celebration — such actions create visceral containers of time and posture…rituals tether emotion in flesh and blood and bone and help release it. They embody memory in communal time.” -p. 58

Discussion Questions:

1. What rituals in your life help you to ‘feel in your body?’ This could be church liturgies, but could also be activities like yoga, dancing, or going for a walk. What are your weekly points of ‘coming into your body?’

2. Pg. 100 says that “our earth is not a supply house and a sewer.” What stories, practices, and culture in our society either connects or disconnects you from the earth? From food or other creatures, etc?

3. Much of our Western religious world has actually put forth a dualistic spirituality in which body and soul are separated and one is bad and one is good. Where in your faith journey have you experienced this disconnect, and do you see a path forward in reconnecting with the goodness of your body?

Collective Conversation

Practice for Week - Being in Your Body

Prayer - Benediction

Announcements - Looking Ahead