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Table Connection Question - How did go practicing "Being in Your Body" with intention this week? What did you notice about your awareness of how your body felt? Was it easy or hard? Did anything surprise you?

Welcome & Covenant

Poem - Fall in Love, by Sr Pedro Arruoe

Pause - Seeing from the Eye of Compassion

Love - A Few Things I've Observed: Reading Observations

“To insist on faith in the common humanity even of our enemies and live accordingly; to begin with the assumption that love is there and it is up to us to make it real. Could we imagine that now?”

Discussion Questions:

1. When you think about most of your relationships, how would you answer these questions: Am I responding in generosity? Am I responding in selfishness? Am I responding in a way that builds people up around me, that builds me up, that is respectful of who I am?

2. “Yeasty groups: refuse to accept a dualist approach — us against you. They are armed with love and courage, and connect with creativity…embracing complexity, creativity, and risk that adds up to moral imagination in action…they are artists. Lovers are artists.” Love is hard in our day and age because the world is often so divided. How have you seen “yeasty love” catch on in your own life and how would you like to see it catch on in our world?

3. Krista said, "Hospitality is a word that shimmers, softly. It offers itself as an accessible entry point to love in action." Where do you struggle to make room for hospitality? Is it finding love for yourself or for others? Feel free to share an example.

Collective Conversation

Practice for Week - Looking to Love: Look for ways to reach out in non-erotic love this week. Choose one form (friendship, compassion, lovingkindness) and prioritize that for yourself and your relationships.

Prayer - Love Love Love, by The Mountain Goats

Announcements - Looking Ahead