Peace. It’s what we all want deep down, but it’s so hard to find. We find that, to create lasting peace in our lives and our culture, it takes intentionality.

At the Way Collective, we believe that our commitments are important: how we spend our time, what we take in, finding beauty in our relationships and our work; they all matter. The earliest followers of Jesus called themselves followers of "the Way" for a reason. To them, the Jesus way was a path. A journey. A way of being. And so we commit to a rhythm of life together. Simply said, this just means that as a community, we prioritize a rhythm of gatherings, practices, and stories that help us to live well.

As our culture of productivity pulls us farther and farther from the rest of finding our true selves in real, authentic community, its so easy for us to lose who we’re meant to be in the busyness of our schedules and commitments. In a sense, this rhythm is how and when we live out our community's shared practices and values with intentionality.

We aim to reclaim real, human connection in a time when much of our community is so digitized. For thousands of years, rhythms of life have been lived out in collectives to help people pursue depth, meaning, connection, and the common good of all in the local community.

We live a way of being in the world that invites personal and communal transformation beyond our beliefs. We don’t have to agree on everything. We just have to learn to be together once again, deeply committed to each other in our differences.

We love Santa Barbara and we want to see it flourish. Your life is the monastery. The city is our parish. The world is our home. Come explore with us as we say yes to adventuring into this peaceful way of life together.

Way Collective Rhythm of Life:

Collective Gathering:

We meet Wednesdays at 5:15 for Dinner and Dialogue to pause in our weeks, share a meal, remember our call to deep living, talk about what matters most, and be inspired to live intentionally. This is a space for both individuals and families to belong and be a part of the Way Collective movement. We also host events, reading groups, and all kinds of fun things for the local community.

Collective Rest:

We observe the ancient practice of taking one day a week to unplug from busyness and technology in order to prioritize presence over productivity. We also do this once a month together, as well as host retreats on Christian spirituality that provide opportunities for extended rest and invite growth.

Collective Action:

We find beauty and meaning in the work of peace-making by transforming the culture of our city toward the common good. We have four groups with weekly opportunities for community involvement at the civic level with ways to get involved in the Santa Barbara community in either ecological sustainability, economic equity, and both personal and relational health.

Collective Becoming:

We prioritize an organic, weekly rhythm of spiritual practices that empower who we are becoming. From meditation and silence, to lectio divina and observing beauty, or anywhere in-between, these ways of being bring us back to our true selves. We equip our community with tools for the journey that allow us all to curate what works best for us in our lives.

Collective Story:

We journey into the annual shared stories, symbols, sacraments, and sacred calendar days that attune us to this rhythm of life. In the ancient way of Jesus, we find significance in opening the tradition to be lived out in fresh ways for today while we embrace the whole of life’s journey, seeing all its joys and difficulties as opportunities for growth and transformation.