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at the way collective, we are peacmaking by deepening wholeness in ourselves and our community. each week, we commit anew to practices and values that promote more peace in 3 areas:

• People (Personal & Relational)
• Planet
• Poverty

here are a few more words on the practices & values that lead us to lives of active peacemaking:

Practice: The Way of Connection

Value: Hospitality

We practice the way of connection. As much of our world in the digital age is becoming more and more fragmented, we gather for life around the table to practice deep friendship and hospitality. As science continues to show us just how interconnected we all are to literally everything in our world, we can’t afford to be disconnected from those around us, and so we embrace a perspective that makes room for deep connection that welcomes and shares life with all. 

Practice: The Way of Contemplation

Value: Mystery

We practice the way of contemplation. Contemplation is really just a fancy word for “observation.” We desire to live lives of growing reflection, mindfulness, and engagement with the culture around us. In the midst of a divisive world, we seek to cultivate a non-dual consciousness (meaning cultivating a mindset that transcends us vs. them thinking) and prayerfulness that doesn’t give hollow, quick answers to difficult questions, but rather learns to stand in the tension and sway with the empathic mystery of love.

Practice: The Way of Curiosity

Value: Wisdom

We practice the way of curiosity. Critical thinking and deep listening are all too lacking in our contemporary world, and we promote conversations about humanity’s deepest longings and questions while addressing our greatest challenges as a civilization by engaging some of the most ancient and current wisdom in our world. Rooted in the way of Jesus, and in conversation with other great ways of being, we seek to be inquisitive of deep wisdom in a day of quick and cheap knowledge. 

Practice: The Way of Creativity

Value: Beauty

We practice the way of creativity. Imagination and innovation are core principles to living a deep life, and no matter whether you’re a graphic designer, a businesswoman, a chef, or a stay-at-home dad, we all have the opportunity to live more artisanal lives. In today’s world, it’s crucial that we live with an awareness of the culture that we are creating and seek to create more beauty in our world! 

Practice: The Way of Compassion 

Value: Love/Justice

We practice the way of compassionate action. Our whole lives are entangled in feeling the feelings of others, which is what compassion literally means! We desire to cultivate people who are more compassionately engaged in the world; people for whom the unceasing and loving flow of reality is a matter of participation. We seek to move to action, living lives that are wholeheartedly committed to promoting good and peace for one another as well as the entire planet.