At the Way Collective, we see life as an adventure in peacemaking and becoming.

This means that nothing about life is static, and we are always invited to be growing more fully into our truest selves. The way of Jesus is a living, dynamic, generative tradition that is always about transformation and new life. We find that any religion that shifts to the mode of self-preservation is moving in the wrong direction.

We are most interested in a type of religion after Religion. Religion, or "ligare" in the Latin, literally means "bound together." This kind of connected living always pushes us out and away from a Religion that excludes. It thrusts us back into our actual lives awakened, enlivened, and inspired to live with more intensity, urgency, depth, passion, and love. When it does not serve these purposes, pursuing religious lives can often actually keep us from being free and eventually inhibit spiritual growth.

Birthed out of a community called First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) that has deep roots in serving Santa Barbara for over 125 years, the Way Collective is a new movement that is embodying a deeper and more holistic way of living in the world: one of connection, contemplation, critical thinking, creativity, and compassion.

In today’s divisive religious and political climate, the Way holds to the idea that we are actually able to bring more beauty in our world when we live well together. We seek to live our lives fully engaged and transforming culture in Santa Barbara for the common good. 

By inhabiting the ancient wisdom tradition of Christian spirituality, as well as drawing from the other great ways of being and wisdom traditions available to us, we are a community that is welcoming to people of all beliefs, backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, perspectives, and convictions. Together, we hope to embody a new possibility for spiritual community today, one of unity and hope amidst division and despair. Come join the movement!