Movements happen when people who thought they were alone find out they're not.

The Way Collective is a new movement in Santa Barbara, CA, and is a community for people looking to unite by living well for the common good in an increasingly divisive world.

We sense that a whole bunch of people are feeling that there's got to be a better way to engage Jesus' teachings in the 21st century, one that creates a way toward deeper and more expansive living. We are a community that is living into that by sharing in practices and values rather than beliefs.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We don't have to push each other away. We can actually come together in our differences. We are a community both rooted in and improvising upon the Jesus tradition as a means to be opened up to newer and more beauty-full ways of living! And, we think that we're all made better when we live into this together.

As there are too many forms of religion contributing to the fragmentation of our world, we come together to practice Connection, Contemplation, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Compassionate action for the common good. Our gatherings emphasize building friendships over a meal and having deep conversations about topics that transform the way we see the world while inspiring us all to live peacefully with more beauty, wholeness, passion, urgency, and love.

All are welcome regardless of background, belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religious (or non-religious) conviction. Come hang with us and join this new movement to live well for common good in Santa Barbara and beyond!


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